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Q & A

Q: Are the blades made in Japan?

A: Yes, all the products we introduce are made in Japan and manufactured in our factory.

Q: Is the comb blade holder made in Japan?

A: It depends on the product, but currently, the comb blade holders are made in Japan, China, and Vietnam.


Q: Where is the assembly done?

A: It depends on the product, but assembly happens in Japan and China.

Q: In which countries is it sold?

A: In addition to Japan, we also export to South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian regions, as well as some         to Germany, the United States, and Canada.

Q: Does the razor have an expiration date?

A: No; however, avoiding places with high temperatures and humidity is best. Store the cleaned and dried Nose Hair Cutter           after opening.

Q: Do razor blades rust?

A: Nose Hair Cutters will rust very little if you avoid using them in a hot and humid environment. It is best to store the cleaned         and dried product after each use.

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