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Ear Hair Remover

Ear Hair Remover
A strong ally that instantly captures and eliminates entwined enemies.
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A new concept tweezer for removing ear hair by pulling it out by pinching it with a spring.

The custom-made spring prevents the hair from escaping once they are caught.

In contrast to standard tweezers that trap ear hair between the two inside surfaces of the tweezer, the Ear Hair Remover catches ear hair on multiple sides of the spring, making it easy to remove invisible ear hair.


Spring: Stainless Steel  Tweezer Body: Stainless Steel

3 features

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 Firmly catches ear hair with a

 custom-made coiled spring

 developed over two years.

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Uses easy-to-clean and

rust-resistant stainless steel.

Ear Hair Remover_Features03


Safe design that does not go deep into the ear and only grabs the ear hair.

How to use

Ear tweezers instruction-01

Place the tweezers so they touch the ear hair you want to remove.

Ear tweezers instruction-02


Pinch the hair between the springs.

Ear tweezers instruction-03


Pull out the compressed hairs.

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