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Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose Hair Trimmer
Immediately repels
the enemy that attacked using a spinning technique.
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Nose Hair Trimmer Description

The handle of the nose hair trimmer body is designed in the shape of a cross, providing a comfortable and secure grip. It allows for easy rotation using your fingertips.

Razor-type nose hair trimmer. The blade is covered with a comb-shaped guard designed to prevent damage to the skin.

It does not require a power supply and is about the size of a cotton swab for easy use anywhere.

Additionally, the tip of the nose hair trimmer is rounded to ensure it won't cause any damage to the inside of your nose.


Blade: Stainless steel  Handle: ABS

3 features

Nose Hair Trimmer Feature1
Nose Hair Trimmer Feature2
Nose Hair Trimmer Feature3

 Safe comb-shaped guard


Compact disposable and convenient to carry


No power supply is required;

easy to use anytime, anywhere!

How to use

nose hair trimmer instruction-01

Insert the nose hair cutter

into the nasal cavity

nose hair trimmer instruction-02


Rotate the nose hair cutter inside the nasal cavity near the skin's surface.

nose hair trimmer instruction-03


It is best to alternate the turning direction and angle while using the nose hair cutter.

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