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About Us

Seki City has more than 800 years of history as a center of Japanese swordsmithing and is famous as one of the world's three major cutlery production areas. 

Blade of Seki

Here at Nikken Razor, we have inherited the spirit of craftsmanship handed down from ancient times.

For over 70 years, we have continued to pursue innovative manufacturing that is useful to our customers!

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Nikken Razor

Our logo design features a dragonfly.

In Japan, the "Dragonfly" has been a symbol of auspiciousness since ancient times, as it appears on SAMURAI helmets.

Our Mission

Nikken Razor Head Office

Pursuing "KIREI" for diverse people around the world and creating happiness

for all customers, companies, and communities.

KIREI means Beauty and Clean in Japanese.However, we think "KIREI" is a word that respects individual values and ideas and has a diversity that reflects their mindset and beliefs.

The pursuit of "KIREI" is our mission and our eternal theme.

Our Commitment
to Environmental Sustainability

・Electricity consumption: monitoring of energy intensity

(how many watts of electricity are used to generate each yen we make in sales)

・Consolidating our products/product colors

・Selecting secondary materials that can be shared between product lines

・Change to LED lighting

・Waste steel recycling (100% recycling of stainless steel)

・100% recycling of secondary paper materials

・Discontinuing our use of solvents that fall under the category of special organic solvents (trichlorethylene)

・Setting our air conditioner the temperature recommended by the Ministry of the Environment  

・Reduction of paper usage

・ISO9001/14001 certified

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